About me

My name is Tabata Camila Mazzochin. I am energetic, enthusiastic, highly motivated and Brazilian. I love writing and I am passionate about photography.

I am 26 years old and studying Multimedia Journalism (my second degree) at London South Bank University.

In Brazil, I worked in a community radio station Radio Comunitaria – Santa Helena and on a weekly broadsheet newspaper A Voz Do Parana – Cascavel. My first degree was in Social Communication – Journalism, at Universidade Paranaense (UNIPAR) in the south.

I am intelligent and prepared to work hard. I am looking for opportunities to gain some experience in the media industry in London. Any experience is relevant and it will undoubtedly be a great achievement for my future career.

This is my first blog and my first work as a journalism student in London. I will be producing my own journalism and thus exchanging experiences. I will be writing about life in third world countries – history, culture, war, conflicts, politics, human rights and women’s life. Also, I will be posting samples of my own work as a photographer – not a professional or experienced, but a vision-feeling photographer.

I am aiming to work professionally as a photojournalist and writer one day, hence I am working hard to gain space in the media world.

This is my world and this is news!


Contact details:

+44 7821261740




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  1. O segredo para se conquistar o sucesso, está em jamais dessistir dos nossos sonhos, dos nossos objetivos, por mais simples que eles pareçam aos olhos das outras pessoas!! Sucesso não é só estar na mídia, na televisão,ou ser bem sucedido, mas sim a total e completa realização de todos os nossos sonhos.Nunca dessista dos seus sonhos, por mais difícil que pareçam os caminhos para se chegar até eles !!! Beijos.

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